Application to Broward County

The CIrcle approach was applied in Broward County in Florida to analyze the vulnerability of CI networks and their cascading effects. Two participatory stakeholder workshops were organized with managers of critical infrastructure like roads, airports, storm water control, wastewater, telecommunications, drinking water, electricity, and ports.

The project helped raise awareness and the need for collaboration among CI networks and a collective approach to flood risk management: The first workshops revealed various relationships between different CI sectors. However, CI network operators are aware of the functioning of their own network but less of the functioning or preventive strategies of other CI networks even when they are dependent on those networks. Efficient communication, partnerships and collaboration among the CI networks can increase the resilience of CI networks and communities in Broward County during flood events.

Simulation of critical infrastructure failure using the identified CI relationships during a future rain-induced flooding scenario with sea level rise.

The nature of direct and cascading impacts of critical infrastructure failure identified in this study may be applicable to other areas as well. However, including critical infrastructure vulnerability and resilience in the adaptation planning process will always require area and conditions specific analyses to be included in the studies. The CIrcle approach adopted in this project proved an effective method to start this process.

Implementation of project results

The project findings and visuals were presented at the County’s existing stakeholder forums, including presentations with the Water Advisory Board to the Broward County Commissioners and before its Technical Advisory Committee. These presentations resulted in community statements requesting expansion of this same high-resolution future condition flood risk modeling to all areas of the county and that this type of assessment be used to support all infrastructure planning and land use decisions, across the County.

As a result, the County is currently expanding its modeling investment with the USGS to include build out of hydrologic detail supporting this work to a county-wide scale and is planning to use the future conditions flood modeling to inform a regional resilient infrastructure capital improvement and investment plan. Furthermore, there is sincere interest to build and expand the knowledge base on critical infrastructure functioning and cascading impact using past and future events.

Other project results

You can find the results of the projects in PDF format here: Report CIFRE project.
Reference: Karin De Bruijn, Carolina Maran, Mike Zygnerski, Jennifer Jurado, Andreas Burzel, Claire Jeuken, Jayantha Obeysekera (submitted). Flood resilience of critical infrastructure: approach and method applied to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.